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HeadOverHeels is a full service digital and social media marketing agency, with expertise ranging from social media, to digital marketing, to eCommerce, in all forms and fashions -- but above all, our creative think tank prides itself on developing the BIG IDEA and generating buzz across all touch-points via both traditional and digital marketing.

The challenge in the marketing space (and how we derived at their name) is that consumers aren’t necessarily looking to fall in love with yet another product or service. Most are already in committed brand relationships. And even those consumers that are actively looking for new brand relationships are overwhelmed with all sorts of brands looking for love and vying for their attention with all sorts of flash and promises. That’s where we come in. HeadOverHeels doesn’t just create relationships. We’ve pioneered a new model for fully integrated brand communications Simply put: We help brands and consumers develop a long-term relationship, using every means imaginable. Our work starts with big, passion-provoking ideas that are then brought to life utilizing the universe of touch points across marketing, media and technology to create a fully-integrated "Relationship Marketing" plan. We also believe that measurement is absolutely crucial and have developed a new model that goes beyond ROI, CPMs and CPCs to measure and quantify the level of engagement and branded conversations.